Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Suns back from vacation

Good to see the sun for the past few days . Lot's of humid weather good chance for disease if your not up on your preventative spraying .Lot's of catch up mowing to do and the pro force blower will be doing double duty on the clippings . Course is drying up fast and greens are firming up again . HOC are going to take a little drop for the Danny Gallivan Tournament next week . Hopefully the weather will co-operate . Monday will be time for me to double check reels for any touch up grinds or front facing bedknives as needed and make sure tire pressures and hydraulic hoses are double checked .  Also have to re-tine the pro core with some different looking large tines. Should be interesting to see the results. The tine looks like it's going to open things up a little bigger and go a little deeper ,almost like a slice and tine combo .  Sidewinder is due for a hydro change and a few hard steel lines replaced, damage caused from the roll over last season . It will have to wait till after the tournament and rough gets caught up . Our 4300 D are quite capable to mow the sidewinders areas if needed .

We should have near perfect playing conditions . Weather permitting .

Old Ashburn 10 green from 11 tee
 Old Ashburn 11 tee area fairway across the irrigation pond
Old Ashburn 7 tee Club house in the background .

Hmmm . Looks like 16 fairway heading to the tee Row of tree on right separate it from 12 fairway .

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