Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tournament Day

As a superintendent and mechanic you can prepare yourself for a great course conditions for a tournament but the only thing you cannot control is the weather . This morning we arrived to work with plans to spray fairways ( 2 sprayers )Vent greens  and get caught up with mowing and rolling greens after mowing  by 10 o'clock . The tournament of the day requested to have no staff on the course  by the time they where to start . The forecast didn't really show any bad weather for today but it had rain all night and started to pore before we could finish up in time . It was a good day to clean up the yard and shops and have our first tool box meeting and to go over our course rules and regulations pamphlet. There was a Q & A afterwards and we talked about equipment and wear areas on the course and what was expecting from staff . Lots of tips and tricks past on from the seasoned staff to the Newbies . This will speed things up with the new employees and they learned a lot more about how the course operates at the maintenance level .This was also a good time for me to tackle the leaking steering cylinder on the Toro 5410 fairway mower . It was just seeping but lately I noticed more leakage from the area and felt it was now time to tackle it . Job went well not a daunting as I thought it would be .
A few pictures of the steering cylinder .
 Came out really easy . I marked a line down the entire back side in a row so it could be put back together the way it came apart.
 The instructions where down loaded from the Toro Web site.
 There are a lot of parts , but I'm only concerned in the replacing the faulty seal and dust seal .

The seals between the sections were also replaced as where the O rings on 5  bolts that hold it all together. After following instructions install on machine and try it . Put the dust seal on after you know it's not leaking any more .

  Another update on the fairway 5 x 2' double cut lines . Everything was looking really well till the fairways are going to seed now . Now I'm noticing the lines again everywhere . I'm  sure  it will pass in a week or so .

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