Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Toro new style verticutter scraper comb update

The Super had them out today . Worth every penny . Kept the front roll cleaned off at all times . I'm trying some bungies on the bucket rollers to keep them cleaned off too . Worked pretty well .
 The comb part of scraper kept the debris evened out on the green . We use to blow of the green with the pro force tow behind blower . Today we used a hand blower.

Did a great job at 1/16 depth .
Below is a picture of the reason our diesel GK IV was having a problem running today . We use an old GK to clean up after blowing the greens off before the topdress goes on

The machines not used much and had a little water / algae and sand clogging the filter . Runs like a top again with a new filter.... and conditioner in the fuel .

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