Thursday, June 27, 2013

Toro 5410 replacing broken or missing Groomer Blades

This is the older style groomer . We had a couple of blades missing on one of the groomer heads . I found out that the newer 5410 has a different shaft style that I installed last season . The newer style is not working for us and our fairway mowing conditions. Lost 16 plus groomer blades on the newer style  . Toro and Vesey's Equipment will be  graciously fixing me up to the older style since they are not going to work out for us .  

We have about 150 + grooming hours on the older set and have only lost 2 blades . I'll show you how I replaced the missing blades leaving the machine on the lift .
The missing blades are on the Left rear unit . Remove the brush belt cover ( if you have brush kits )No need to lose adjustments on brush kit this way .
Next the belt came off and I removed the 3 bolts holding the brush kit plate to groomer .
Groomer cover came of next.

Remove the groomer belt tension spring and groomer belt .
I used a 13 mm socket and 5/8 wrench to remove the nut on the groomer shaft pulley .

 When removing the pulley don't lose the key and keep track of any alignment washers and what side of the pulley it is on .The bushing may stay in place after you pull the groomer in a few steps down below .
I removed the reel drive motor next and took the nuts off the stud so that the Allan head bolts can be moved next along with the bolt holding the adjuster in place .
Carefully remove this plate and support the groomer shaft .

 You can now carefully pull the groomer out for service .

 Groomer shaft is out . Only takes 10 minutes or so .
 Pic of the spacer / groomer pulley

  You can use the 5/8 " wrench and 1 1/4 " wrench this way to get the spacer and plates off..
Each blade has a spacer between them . They are also marked with the drilled out hole in one blade so you can stagger them properly . I moved one flat to the right as I added spacers and groomer blades .
 Reassemble in revers order and remember the key ( shown above ) and pulley alignment washer if it had one . Some off them may not have needed one . Just down left from groomer grease nipple is the bushing I was talking about earlier .

Not to bad of a job . My first one took .5 to .75 of an hour but next time with tools laid out I should be with in the .5 hr. mark + -. you can also check and clean belts and pulleys when reassembling . I had also used blue loc-tight on everything .

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