Friday, May 17, 2013

Toro Sidewinder deck baffles

Our Toro grounds master 3500 D ( sidewinder)tends to leave lots of clippings . We use it primarily to cut green surrounding areas and some tee surrounds . I seen a post on one of our Tech sites that they had installed the baffles in their sidewinder and were very impressed with the cut . I ordered a set and they arrived today . We just missed out on trying them after the jump in growth on the course . But that's OK it's a long week-end and by Tuesday they should be long enough for a good testing . After installing them I tried it around the shop and noticed  less clippings left behind .
The Baffle.
The self tapping bolts can be ordered seperate .
You will have to clean up the lip on the rear-side of deck . I used a pair of vise grips to straighten any bends .
Just slides up in place and bolts in .

All done . There was enough self tapper to install a lock washer and nut . This will keep the clippings inside the deck mulching them up longer . It won't be discharging out the rear. I'm hoping it doesn't rob to much horse power in wet long conditions . But with the turbo it should keep up if the operator slows down a little .

Had it out for a quick test today May 21 2013.

This area behind 9 green always leaves noticeable clippings . I cut it early morning with dew still present and fairly long . NO noticeable clippings . 
Another picture of green surround area .
The area above got way away from us . It happens sometimes .  A really good test area .
The grass was so deep ( as in above boot pic's )There was no place for the extra clippings to go so they piled on top as per usual . Still at least 50% less of a mess .

 Only took a quick pass with the Toro Pro Force Blower to take care of the clippings left . Over all a great improvement . The really deep grass it did rob a lot of power but it would have anyway and the clippings dispersed better with the baffles installed . For the price it was well worth it . Our Toro Groundsmaster 4300D seem to cut pretty clean in the wet . Might be because of the smaller decks ? I don't think they will need baffles . Hmmm. Wondering if it would make a difference on the 4500 D. They tend to cut messy like our sidewinder ( same deck too).
I was really impressed with the areas that were not mowed for 3 days especially in the wet conditions . The last few picks is in an area that grows rapidly and had not been cut in a week .

Sorry about the pictures . New phone I'll have to remember take pictures horizontally now .  


  1. So... what was the outcome? Was it worth the mod? Did you keep the Gator blades on?

  2. At the time we were doing green surrounds with it and if you didn't let the grass get away on you it worked fantastic . Hmm thought I posted an update on this accesory. Even at twice the cutting height it left very little clippings . Even in wet grass . It was well worth it .

  3. Thanks. Just put the kit on and new Gator blades. Now we just need the grass to start growing!

  4. Same here just waiting on spring . Boys out sodding new forward tee decks . Irrigation tech out getting things ready to fire up . won't be long now .

  5. Bob, we have a 3500D with rotary decks. The decks baffles under the deck are very well worn and need some repair. Looking at the underside of the deck pictured here it looks like it is flat all the way where we have a "ramp" around about 1/3 of the deck. Wondering if I can send a picture to show exactly what I mean. Looking at the toro website it looks like the new ones are also flat. Email is landmarkmnc@gmail if you want to send me an email and I can forward the pictures.

    1. I think they maybe the older style ones your talking about . Our 7400 JD look like the ones your describing . I may make a set for one of the JD version to try . $200 each is a bit rich for what they are