Friday, May 10, 2013

Toro MD homemade 3 point tow hitch

I made these hitches for the new machines . I had made one in the past for the MDX . For under $100  I can make them for both carts . There is an OEM kit for this but  for the price savings and skill level to just make one is well worth it . The single pull that come with them are OK for light duty towing . I'd rather have the 3 point pull type . Easier on the machine and will save the back end from getting bent up or twisted from hauling something to heavy , which is quit often the case .  
OEM standard issue hitch .Notice the additional mounting points by each coil spring .
I picked up some 1.5"x 1/8 th thick square tube stock and went to a supply store to get the pre made hitch ends . I measured to each plate and welded the hitch end in the middle .

 Then cut some 1/8 plate and drill holes to bolt in place on mount area . DISCONNECT BATTERY .
Then clamp in place and tac weld ontop joining plate to bar including the factory hitch .
 Unbolt and weld up .
 Clean up and paint .
And mount back on machine .

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