Friday, May 3, 2013

Inside fuel can storage

We had to get a special cabinet to store fuel indoors at the shop . I saw the one at the sister course and had Al order it for me .
It's a fairly good size , it will hold 30 ltrs. of cans . 
Both ends of the cabinet are vented to the out doors . As long as the cabinet is closed it is safe .  
Also run a ground wire to protect against static electricity. Especially when dealing with plastic cans .  
Our new tanks are finished .
Painted the stacks etc; to match the key tagged colored zip ties system I have in place here . Needs one more coat of paint and I may paint the front section of pad to match .  Trying to make it very visual as possible . Over kill Maybe , Peace of mind pricless . also it is about 20 feet from my bay door .

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