Friday, May 17, 2013

Greens King IV QOC

Here are some pics of the Greens King IV that we use to mow approaches here at the course . This is the new one received from the sister course (2000 model ) You may hear the statement that  "nothing cuts like a Jac" . Well ....when it come to these models that is most likely true . We recently sold a 1989 model that still cut very well , it only had 10697hrs. on it. I don't think it owed either course anything .Many years of trouble free usage from these models .Only 2 units left now .

 Thomas is totally enjoying the new mower . It's an upgrade from the cable steering one he was using last year .We are now mowing with buckets to collect all the clippings making a big difference around the greens and approaches .

All I see is a great cut at .500 HOC and very faint tire marks on our small nursery. This GK IV has different reels than the ones I'm use to seeing . They look like 3400 fairway unit reels ( Heavier ) . Our Nursery is made from cores from one of our Fall aerations . So we have the native grass for repairs if needed.

The only dislike I have is how loud it is ( 3 cylinder kubota diesel )

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