Thursday, May 16, 2013

First verticut with some new equipment on Tuesday

A small video of the new style verticutter on the Toro 3150 Q . They worked very well no hopping and jumping like we get with the other unit . Having the verticutter head in the reel frame made it heaver and more stable . This winter I may find a way to put a rear roller on the other set and add a little weight . One thing we did notice is that we had to go deeper on the adjustments to get the same depth that we get with the older model . So at 1/8 we where taking out down just through the thatch layer . The front rollers build up with sand . I have the scrappers ordered for them , the rear seemed to stay very clean .

Next up is the Toro HDX D workman with the Toro Pro -Pass 200 wire less . The wireless works well . Were still learning about it and figuring it out as we go . It pretty cool that the operator can do a drive by and the super can use the remote to get the setting he wants and hand it back to the operator to use at that setting for the rest of the greens /tees etc. The only real factor in the settings that change is the sand ( wet , dry , type )

The biggest difference from it's predecessor (tycrop - 180 ) is the extra paddles on the spinner and  the adjustments that can now  move the entire spinner assembly to fine tune how the sand spreads out . This option alone helps with the past issues with being to heavy in the middle or ends of the spread pattern. In the above video it is pretty close to perfect . If we where to move the spinner in or out a hair it would be dead perfect . The remote only controls the bed belt speed ( almost always stays at 100% )and spinner speed . The ALL ON and ALL OFF buttons times the action of belt and spinner in the right on / off sequence going on and off the green preventing the kick out piles of sand we use to get sometimes on the 180 . All the manual settings are color coded to get a base line for how heavy an application your planning to put down . If you have an old tycrop 180 there is a kit avaliable to upgrade to this type of set up . The Toro HDX D barely even feels the spreader on it's back . Even fully loaded it moves around with easy . What a nice machine , very powerfull .

Light verticut . 
Assistant checking out his work .
Super out verticutting for our first time this season .

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