Monday, May 27, 2013

Comb/ scrapers for newer style Toro Verticutters

After using the newer style verticutters for the first time we noticed the front whillie rollers loading up with the debris thrown forward from the verticutting process . We ordered these kits to wipe the front rollers off , the rear seemed to stay clean .

The kit includes the comb/scraper /brackets and bolts for installation. 

Comes with a good diagram of how to install them .

If you do one side at a time you won't loose the adjustment to much .

The comb/scraper does go between the front roller and verticutters . ( I had thought they went the other way at first )
Snug the bolts down till there is a little pinch on the roller shaft . Adjust the scraper evenly in the whillie grooves . 

I then held the front roller down and pushed the comb/ scraper till it touched the table top then tighten the hardware and double checking the scraper spacing on the whillie roller .
Looks like when the debris gets thrown ahead it will be wiped of the whillie roller and fall down for the comb to spread out evenly . It should keep the verticute at a more consistent depth through out the process . I'll post our finding when we use them again .

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