Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woo Hooo !!!! Opening Day

First day open . Of to a good start . The grass is coming in nicely we wintered well . Had a bit of much needed rain which spruced things up for today's opening . Good to see the regulars back and out for a round . By noon the sun came out and the place was packed. Not a parking spot to be had by 1 o'clock . Soon our sister course will open relieving some play on our course . New electric carts are working out great . The guys we're out mowing rough today and laying down some sod around 18 trap area .The new guys are working out great so far . We had to put out a temperary green to speed things up for the guys and keep them save . I've been busy getting the small engines serviced so they will be ready to go . The new MD Toro's received some wooden height extensions on the box to dress them up a bit . Soon I'll get some metal to extend the hitch a little and to pull on 3 points on the  axle instead of one plus we  use the 2" square receiver so we can switch from pin tow to ball tow in seconds .

 The seal kit for our Smithco traprake engine is in finally . It will be nice to get it out of my way next week . Soon will be time to remove the covers off the grinders .
Next week the irrigation should be firing up . We would have  water on but the power line upgrade is holding us back .

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