Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Start of a NEW season soon

Got the word today . Weather permitting will be open on Thursday April 25 2013 . Greens are looking good . We have a couple of cuts on them and approaches where cut once .Guys are getting the traps ready and reshaping a few of them . Yards all cleaned up and looking great . Fuel tanks should be here soon ....may be waiting for final inspections .  Been pretty busy . Our Smithco trap rake blew a rear seal and head gasket . Engines out and apart waiting on a seal kit . The gas pro - gator I managed to do some more bypass wiring on wire connections with new ones . I found a governor screw was broken and managed to get it out and made a similar shape one by cutting the head of the same metric bolt size and slicing a screw groove on the end with a hack saw . After looking at the front end I seen the left side main front leaf spring was broken . I'll outsource this job to a local business that can repair it cheaper and allow my time to be used more wisely .
 Briggs 18 hp vanguard . Not as bad as i thought it would be to get it out .
 Pulling the flywheel .Going to replace the front seal while it's out .
 All cleaned up and ready for parts when they arrive . I'll have more pictures later .
 Main leaf spring broken .
 Removed this mess of corroded connections that sit on the engine.
 Spliced in new connectors and zip tied them away from engine under the steel hydro lines . I'm going to do a few more by the front wheel . Running not to bad now . Will see how it does as a daily runner .

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