Monday, April 8, 2013

Some Hopper Upgrades

Originally I was going to replace the plywood with metal . Much to my surprise the plywood still looked pretty good after 2 seasons and will last a few more.
I'm going to make a couple of small changes to it while it's near the shop .
 The loader has to be fully extended to dump in hopper and requires some skill by the operators .
To make it easier for them I am going to drop the front section by 10 " . Cutting it out and re-leveling then weld back in place . 
 Now I can cut out the plywood .
The rear legs are going to get extended to make ot more stable .
 I'm recycling some old bed-knives by placing them on the top bar and tacking them in place . They will protect the lip of the plywood from getting damaged . Now when they load it will also hit the back wall hopefully keeping the load from spilling out and onto the seats of the equipment .


 Going to repaint it and make something so the loader can pick it up and move it around . The old way it tends to tip forward and fall down .

I'll post a few picks of the loader picking it up ....when I figure it out .

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