Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our New fuel tank location

New Tank Area
Nice cement pad with Ballard's to safe guard the tanks . Tanks are on order and should be here soon . We are going with electric pump system . 
One of the problems with poor tank placement is wrong fuel can get put into equipment . It has happen in the past a fair amount when the guys get tired or the heat starts getting to them .It can happen to the best of us . The old tanks I could see at a distance and have had to holler at them for picking up the wrong fuel handle (red / gas /diesel ) when refueling . It sure can save you some additional work or losing a diesel engine do to wrong fuel .

Having some input from the mechanic may save you $$$$ in the future .
The tanks are place directly in my site line from where I spend most of my day the lift adjusting and greasing equipment as they come off the course . Now when the guys are coming in to fuel I can keep an eye on them plus get some input on how their piece of equipment is working/cutting . I'll be able to direct them to where I want the gear put after their done mowing . Usually the mowing gear is washed off then fueled and left outside to dry off before adjustments , then go to cold storage .
With this tank placement it isn't 100% fool proof but more in the 95% range . 99% if you key tag your gear and paint the diesel caps to match the diesel handle color and signs made up to put in fueling area and lunchroom .

I don't think I had any fuel related issue last season .

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