Friday, April 19, 2013

New Building ( The final chapter )

Great out come !!! Big undertaking for Brian ( superintendent ) to create a well laid out space in this state of the art golf course maintenance building . It looks fantastic .

The old lean too buildings have been pulled down and removed . Really highlights the new building now with all the open space . Most of area is to grade and the fuel tanks are being moved to a new location soon . Greenhouse is up and running getting ready for the up coming season .
 A little trenching to move the Rainbird decoder wiring to the new site .
 Al's been busy building new benches and moving supplies in . Hats of to Brian and Ashburn to provide modern tools to stream line repairs to equipment more efficiently .
 Randy ( Al's assistant ) Al and Curtis ( assistant super ) enjoy a much needed break .
 View from Al's bay door . Grinding room on the right.

 Lunch room finished . Dave taken a break . Soon the place will fill up with new and returning staff.
 Cold storage most of the gear found a new home out of the weather and sun . They will figure out the layout of gear as the season progresses . Took me some trial and error to get it right at My Shop  .
 Ice machine up and running . We provide the members with water and ice out on the course .
 Fertilizer and chemical room area
 Mens shower area .
 Lockers are all in and the guys have moved into them .
 Kitchen area complete . They may get a second fridge . Tends to fill up pretty fast when the full crew gets back .
 Nice size offices . Looks great .
Eye wash station . Built in and water temperature controlled and pressure regulated .

A couple of pictures inside chemical room .
Not much left over from last season .

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