Monday, April 1, 2013

New addition to the Shop

Picked this up today for the shop . Bench top 10 ton hydraulic press.
Going to be nice to have and I'm sure I will be many uses for it .

I may try cold pressing the rotary blades that are a little bent .
I may ( most likely ) drill a 4" hole in the bench directly under the ram area so I can press bearings off shafts etc . when needed . You get lots of bent parts at the course this will give me a little better control in straighting out a few things with less hammering or heating .
Some of the crew will be starting tomorrow and they will be cleanup up around the course and getting ice shields off the greens ( weather permitting ) . With today's rain the snow is pretty much gone .
New gear should be arriving soon and our fleet of electric Club Cars are being replaced with new ones  from
One sprayer left to do and and few more heavy haulers . Then rework the narrowing hopper to make it more sturdy and movable with the loader . After that small engines .....tractors . Switching gear around for summer set up/clean up and put winter gear away then back to the summer routine .

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