Monday, April 1, 2013

MDX (MD) Reverse buzzer install

Just received the reverse buzzer kits this morning for my MDX and the MD's that we are getting soon .

 The kit has a buzzer / switch and a couple of zip ties . The instructions where missing/wrong instructions ( all kits ) and I notified the dealer of the mix up so they can contact Toro . Hey it happens , this way it can get corrected . The parts manual where there that I could go by .

The reverse buzzer goes behind this cover under the dump bed on the right rear .

 The cover just pops off . Solenoid and regulator are also under here .

The hole is already there .

 Also the wiring is already in place and tagged , clean up connection  before installing on buzzer .

Pop it in the hole and use the retainer nut to hold it in place and reinstall the cover .
Remove the 8 bolts on the forward / reverse plate .

 After the bolts are out ... I wondered how to put the switch in . Didn't seem to be any room . ( no instructions ) .

I followed the cables back and figured out what the zip ties in the kit were for . Cutting the zip ties under the primary clutch allows the forward / reverse mechanism to come out enough for the rest of the install .

You can slide the choke cable out if you need more room . The slot in the side is where the switch goes .

I just slid the reverse buzzer wiring harness up .It was also well labeled .

I cleaned the connection up and used lots of die electric grease
 on it .
The switch goes on the inside of the plate and just pushes through the hole till the clips hold it in place .
Had a little problem  getting my chunky fingers in there but was not to bad using a flat screw driver to maneuver it in place .

Bolt the plate back in .

The zip ties go here to hold the cables down and out of the way . Also a good shot of what I was talking about with the starter / generator . Working on the ground . My lift is tied up with the windfoil sprayer .

A little video of the life /( head ) saving in our case  annoying noise .
Over all about 30 minutes with out instructions . My next 2 will take under 10 minutes each .

 Safety wise will be money well spent . 

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