Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Busy , Busy Record keeping

Lots of gear this year . Busy running around getting serial #'s and recording all the equipment in files and computers .Doing some new check off sheets for the fleet rentals to keep track of service,damage,and rotation. Also we went with the no tow option this time . I am really impressed to see the batteries fills tied to one fill tube . The pro shop staff will be very happy to see this option .
 Look over the gear well and keep a good eye on them for the first 50 hrs.I'm also putting some painters tape( mark the hours ) near the hr. meters  for the very important first service intervals .  Our staff will usually mention if there seems to be a problem or have any questions . Had a few small issues corrected promptly by our dealer .  
Still cool out and most tarps are off the greens . Guys are out doing some tree work and cleaning up around the yard . Busy ...busy place for not being open . The city has poles going up behind the shop . Fuel company building a pad for the new fuel tanks . Seems like I'm going flat out in a few directions lately .  
 Our new pro-pass wireless control
Only a couple of manual settings . Chute and spinner position . I'll take it out tomorrow to figure out the wireless . The video that it came with it was well done and I should be able to figure out the rest so the operator can be trained . We usually have the assistant topdressing . We demoed the wired one this summer and we were pleased with the different spinner options on the 200 model . Now the super will be able to set the control while the operator drives by and get a good view of how the sand is spreading out ( hoppers never spread the sand the same every time... the moisture content affects how they throw the sand ) . The setting can be saved then the operator can go with the remote for the rest of the greens etc. Pretty cool technology .

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