Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2011 Toro 1250 sprayer flow meter cleaning

Almost done servicing the new sprayer . Changed out the hydraulic oil and filter this year and cleaned the transmission screen . Checking hoses and cleaned nozzles and screens .etc. It was also time to check and clean the flow meter . ( every 200hrs. depending on what is being sprayed )

 I remove the nuts holding the valve on the left so it can allow a little more movement to get the flow meter out .

Loosen the 2 clamps that hold it in place . The directional arrow points to the right side when standing at the rear of the sprayer. Disconnect the wire to it to . Now that you have it out don't loose the rubber grommets that seal it on either end .
Remove the clip on the right side .
You can use a pair of needle nose pliers to carefully remove the end cap that the rotor runs in . Notice the notch for when it gets reassembled .
The rotor falls out easlily when you tap the part on your hand .

 Clean all the parts again ( old toothbrush works great ) and check them for cracks or worn rotor fins or missing fins . Mine where good but there was a piece of rusty looking material wedged between one set of fins . Reassemble carefully in reverse order . Once the clip is back in you can blow ( 5 lbs. max ) on the rotor and it should spin easily . If for some reason it doesn't there is an adjustment on the other end . Back it of 1/16th of a turn at a time untill it does move freely .  
I installed it on the right side first and remember the rubber bushings that seal the unit up .
The wiring also has a notch for it to go back together properly .
The rotor is moved by flow in the system . There are 2 small magnets inside the rotor and as it spins the sensor on top must pick up the pulse sending the information through the wiring to the receiving end .
A few more pic's
When greasing the machine I didn't notice Toro added a hole to be able to grease the inner steering ram tie rod .Great idea but the grease nipple on the tie rod was facing 180 degrees the other way ....so I had to take this one all apart one more time .  On our old sprayer I have to remove some parts in front of the engine to be able to grease this spot . Next year I'll drill the hole in the old one to speed up greasing . It's a good 15 + minute job doing it the old way for one grease nipple .
I have it facing the right way for next time .
About 2 + seasons ago I had put grease nipple here in the A frame and have not had issues with the nylon bushings wearing out every season  .
All four are done on the new one now .
244 hrs . and the fluid in the gear box is looking pretty murky . It should be changed every season . The instructions are different between each model but the one that made sence to me is to remove the upper gear case plug and fill gearcase up till it starts to run out . A little over .500 litre not 1 litre as stated in the newer model's operators manual .

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