Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Shop update

Getting closer . Power and plumbing is all roughed in inside the building now . Just waiting for the final hook up from the Power Corporation .Still running on temporary power source .  New water main ran to the building last week . The Rotary lift will be here soon for installation . Taking a little longer than expected and soon will be into a new season .  Dry wall tappers are getting the final touches done and are starting to get walls ready for mud . You can get a feel for the place now . Al's new shop is huge .
Pony panel in cold storage section of shop . Door way to lunch room .

 New superintendents and assistant supers offices . Lots of natural lighting .
 Wash rooms are roughed in both have showers in them .
 Large area for the locker room .

 A few pics of the offices .
 The workers coming in from cold storage area into lunchroom .
 Al's shop . No lights on . great to have all that natural light coming in . Just to the left of the saw horse will be the lift . Electrical room in the background . The ventilation has carbon monoxide detectors and will vent building as needed (wow).
 The grinding room is almost half the size of my current shop at the old course . Very nice having the ventilation .

More tech's shop pics.

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