Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Shop near completion

Looking great now . Paints on the walls . Bathrooms getting tiled . Kitchen is almost complete . New fire hydrant getting installed today .In floor heating up and running . Powers hooked up . Greenhouse is wired .Some near final grading being done around the building . All door ways had balusters installed to protect them . Things are coming together fast . Looks fantastic inside with the paint on the walls . Looks bigger than the pics. Nice job .!!

 Al's new lift arrived yesterday . He is smiling from ear to ear.
 Looks great , lots of room to maneuver machinery around to get on/off the lift . Lots of height to.
 Grinding room . Ventilation for room and building near completion .
 In floor heating and boiler room .

 Window trim finished in offices . The natural light gives the place a great feeling inside .
 New kitchen area.
 Luchroom looks even bigger now . Drop ceiling framing in place . Most likely the ceiling panels will be one of the last things installed .
 Cold storage .
 Shower stalls in bathrooms . Good to have on hand for the spray techs
 Mechanic's shop .
 The jewel in Al's shop .
Greenhouse also has the auto louvers on the side to control conditions inside greenhouse automatically .

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