Sunday, March 10, 2013

It' that time again

 The Buzz is in the air .
Weathers changing and we are getting some great day time temperatures . There is talk of some of the crew coming back in mid March . Great time to take a week off before the crew start trickling in . The long range forecast is sounding good . Calling for another dry spring . Won't be as dry as last season but it's looking pretty good . Snows almost gone and the greens should have come through the winter season well . Won't be long and the tarps will be coming off the greens . My winter work is slightly behind but  will be able to catch up between jobs when I get back . The mowing gear is all done and ran them for a good 45 minutes last week to get the fluids up to temperature . It was great to have them all out and running and driving around can't wait for the new season to start . Should be a good one .


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