Friday, January 25, 2013

Tru-Turf roller winter maintenance

 The roller . Yes one of the most important tools for the superintendent . Now is a good time to go over it very well so it doesn't fail at an inopportune time . I'm always checking the chain . This model goes through them very fast . While checking the chain this winter I noticed it was stretched quite a bit as usual . When I cut a new chain I couldn't get it on the sprockets it was so far off I had thought I cut the chain to short . Once I lifted the trailer arm up so it's sitting on the rollers I noticed it fit very well . So the big drive drum bearings are worn out . No need to remove the drum . I'm using rope ratchets to hold it in place .This is the gear side . Gear has to be moved to take the bearing off .

 The other end comes off easily . Remove the bolt lock nut and washer on the end of the shaft then remove the bearing . There are 2  set screws on the collarof the bearing to be backed off also. I ordered the bearings from my bearing supplier and will have to wait a week or less . No hurry for repair is a good thing this time of year plus I'll be saving some money . Also noticed the rapid wear on the drive gear . I received one from the dealer but took note of the stamped # on the double 11 tooth gear for future reference to source out to my bearing supplier for next time . 
The wet area is from the engine maintenance . It will be cleaned up with the rest of the machine .

 Checked all the steering linkages . Only found these two to be bad this year . I keep a few of these in stock . You never know when ones going to fail and is good to have them on hand .

This year I decided to add grease nipples in the hubs . Seems they are wearing out every 2 years . By doing this I should be able to grease them once in a while forcing water /sand etc .out of the bearing .Once the drum bearings come in I should get the full season out of it with out any down time . At least that's my goal .  Not a very complicated machine with lots of easily changed wearable parts . Now's the time to change them . One more note by regreasing the smoothing sealed roller bearings I was able to get 2 season out of the roller before replacing them . Sure beats 2 sets per season(24 bearings smoothing rollers 48 for 2 seasons  ).Thanks  again Steve G for the tip from Golftechs .

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