Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last large area mower in

 Finally down to my last mower . I'm working on the second Toro 5410 fairway mower . I left this one for the end because I'm waiting for the new groomers to come in to the dealer ( .They called me today and their on the way . It's one of our purchased items for this upcoming season . I did the other unit last winter about this time .
 While waiting I'm doing the DPA adjuster upgrade to them like the other unit( . Also checking the reels for bad bearings . I want to make sure they are 100% before installing the groomers . Two of the reels had a chunk missing out of one of the lands on the reel . Not really a concern but I like to relief grind everything in the winter and the finger rides on the land and would be impossibly to grind relief .

May not be the right thing to do but if I replaced the reels every year to be able to relief grind I would be looking at 4 reels every season on average @ a cost of over $2000.00 . So to save the club some money I can do this repair for the price of 1 welding rod . If you cut a cardboard template out first it works pretty good . I used an old bedknife from the 5410 an cut out a similar shape out of it including the  factory relief . For welding I have some 1/16 rods and kept the welder @ 30 amps . 

After welding it in grind the access weld off . Above and below pics I'm holding a center punch to measure the lands before and after the repair so I can get it as close as I can with the cut off wheel .
Finish off with some filling .That way when it goes on the grinder for a spin it will grind up faster . 

 The center reel ....bearings were quite rough and will replace them . I had another reel that was coned a bit and the bearings has some roughness to them also . The bearing store matched them with a little better grade bearing for about the same dealer price . So it will be a test to see how they will last .

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