Monday, December 17, 2012

L4200 kubota oil pan replacement

Recently I was pushing back some compost and noticed that the 4 wd was not working . After getting off the tractor to talk to the guys chipping I noticed the tractor was leaking engine oil at a good rate . Being near the shop I put it in the bay for inspection . 
 4 WD spline shaft and sleeves
 After closer inspection I found the front axle tube bearing missing and the bolt holes stripped out . They must have worked their way loose . The tractor was sent out last year for a complete front axle overhaul . I should have rechecked the torque on the bolts to make sure they where in spec . after it was used for a while . The front axle was tilting back and forth causing the pin to shear on the 4 wd sleeve which in turned beat cracks into the oil pan .

The rear 4 bolt ones seemed to be ok . I used the loader bucket to raise the front of tractor and blocked it up with plating and jack stands . To get the oil pan off you will have to drop the axle tube .There are 2 bolts behind it that can't be removed otherwise . I didn't worry about disconnecting the steering linkage . Place a pump floor jack and I used a 6x6 on top and place it in the center of axle tube . Then remove the front wheels . Makes it easier to maneuver without the added weight  .

Remove all the oil pan bolts . Scrape any gasket material off after . I took a visual look at the bottom end , everything looked nice and clean . 

 The gasket has to go on a certain way , There are a couple of oil return areas in the block , so the extra 2 hole have to line up here . I used some sealant on one side to hold the gasket in place . The service manual didn't show the torque or pattern of bolts . As a rule of thumb you start with the center bolts and alternate working your way out to the ends . I torque mine at 25 lbs. Then reassemble in reverse order torque everything down to spec's .I would suggest lock tight on axle tube bearing bolts .If your tractor has the 4 wd then remove the pins in the sleeves and slide them on the splined shaft then slide it into the protective tube . You put the splined shaft in between front axle and transmission . Slide the sleeves onto shafts look through the pin holes to see if your in between the shafts then install a new roll pin on both ends . Slide the tubes over and lock in place with the set screws . 

In my case I had to maneuver the front axle around to drill and re-tap holes for thread inserts . I installed all the front axle tube bearing bolts with red lock tight . Torque to 115 lbs . I plan on checking them in the near future to see if it holds up . Using the jack stand this way I found it fairly easy to line everything back up .

Looks like we need a little more training . Damaged caused by ramming into piles . If used properly in the right gears for the job being done this can easily be avoided . I had some old plow shoe blades for material to repair damage .
Back in cold storage waiting for work . 

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