Saturday, November 3, 2012

Toro Pro- Sweeper Leave pick up

To pick up leaves in the rough I read the directions and removed the front flap and adjusted the rear roller up for rough height , I may have to raise it a little more since it's pulling on the rough grass a bit but on the fairways it works great ( a little catch 22 ) . We are picking up wet leaves so the hopper would only half fill . Once I see them pushing out the front and leaving a little mess behind then it's time to dump ( 200 to 300 yards )The pro -sweep work good in the straight behind position .I'm Finding that being tractor mounted it is pretty stable and can back into the nearby woods to dump .  Using the Kubota tractor and going in H1 @ about 2000 RPM . It much quicker to blow the leaves into the woods . We have a few areas separated by trees and found using the pro-sweep in these areas saved us a lot of time since the tree line is quit a ways away . 

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