Saturday, October 13, 2012

End of another season

 Another summer here and gone . Boy it went by pretty quick . We're having a lot of rain and courses are pretty saturated . Starting to get some light frosts . It won't be long and winter will be here . Hoping for the same winter as last season .
 We managed to get our push up greens cored last week and plan to do the sand base ones this coming week . Usually can get them done in a day or two but with the wet Fall and lack of staffing this season it is slowing us down a bit .All hands on deck are needed to get jobs done . The gardener and I are chipping in as needed and getting to our jobs when we can . Lots of time to get things ready for winter .With the frosty days coming the grass should slow down enough to work on other projects .

 We received a sweeper to try out on the greens . It was a bit of a job using it on the pro - gator and didn't work as well as I would have liked . This time I have it on the tractor and with the 4wd drive and slower speed selections I'm hoping to get it to work a little more efficiently . I'll post some pic's later on . Time will tell , That's all for now .

 I did manage to get a little jump on winter work . My flexes are ready to go for the fall cut and are put in storage . Next rain days I'll try to get a couple of PGM's to bed .Good time to start looking around at gear and start making a list of parts for winter repairs . I have a few things I want to get done .eg; 5410 the older model will need some hoses replaced and a seal kit put in the steering  . Some of the rough units need spindle rebuilds . New cushman may need the rear end resealed . Bedknives ,belts , etc. Having a running list , speeds things up a bit so when your putting orders in you can pre order for a couple of jobs in advance to avoid part delays and down time .

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