Monday, September 24, 2012

Ok I'd like to cancel my rain order .

 We had a storm hoovering of the coast this past week - end 09/22,23/12.It dumped up to 200 mm in some areas .
 A few picks . From #6 pond looking towards #4 fairway.
 #10 green and pond are one for now .
 Pond at 11 Tee over flowed and this is by right side of #11green heading for #4 fairway.
Here I am retriving the Smithco . It has the plow on the front to push up the sand in the traps . The gardener wasn't happy . Starter spun the nut holding the beddix gear on , and fell off . Last time it took a few days to get one .  
SOOOOO......Thinking on the fly I managed to put a bolt in crankshaft pulley . It has to spin counter clockwise ( rear side of machine ) to start  and it took a bit  for the nut to jamb the bolt on the crankshaft plus taking the tension off the belt helped roll it over easier . My large gear drive drill was just enough to start it up . ( leave the key on and choke a bit )
You can barely see him leaving up behind the sidewinder .He got away on me before I could get a picture . He was one happy camper . I just told him not to shut it off and leave it in the shop when he was done . Sometimes you have to improvise to get thinks done . We did manage to get the tees , greens an aprons done . Will have to wait for the course to drain another day to get the rest mowed . I'll be chipping in tomorrow on fairways to double cut them getting things back in order . 

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