Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mid season oil changes

It's that time again . Just finished a little heat wave . Thanks for the rain I asked for . We were getting pretty burnt up but now starting to get green again . ( limited water supply ) My large area mowers  are soon going to be due for their second oil change of the season . I'm now going over the carts one by one till I can get through the maintenance fleet . Basically doing oil changes and cleaning batteries and topping them up . With this hot weather I have noticed a few batteries were getting to the add mark . I'll also will be checking brakes and for leaks and greasing front ends . Primary clutches will be blown out and secondary will get another blast of dry graphite grease on the buttons .It's really good to go over the fleet in mid season to find potential problems . So far 2 of our carts are out of service till the parts come in ( usually next day ) I found most of the starter/gen belts for the step and goes needed adjustments . One of the 4x2 gators has an axle to rear end leak and the bolts where loose plus one was snapped off , the same machine is missing the bolt that holds the secondary clutch to the shaft . One of the Turf II has a broke front leaf spring. The maintenance carts are hard to get to at times because they are always on the move I'll service each one and run out and trade for another one to be serviced till I get through the fleet .  Making the time now to get them back up to par will save you some grief . More tournaments coming up soon and once September rolls in will be on the home stretch for winter maintenance again . Seems like the older we get the faster the seasons fly by . Hard to believe another season will soon be behind us . Good luck with the remainder of the season . Hope you enjoyed the site . I'll be posting not as often now but will still highlight some aspects of the job .

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