Friday, August 10, 2012

Club Car front leaf replacement

 One of the guys brought it to my attention that the Club Car he was driving suddenly bottomed out on one side . He was a little concerned that it was his fault . I told him that it was an old machine and it was just wear and tear and it is an easy repair and I also thanked him for telling me . This is the way it should be . Reporting machine problems right away so they can be dealt with . Some times damages are caused from horseplay and sometimes it's from normal wear and tear . If it's horseplay  mention it to the super so he is aware of a problem .
 It drove on to the lift with no problem . I put it on this way so I could put a bar across the frame supported by a jack stand . The reason for this is if something dropped it would still land on the tray . Nice clean break . Do not weld back together . They are fairly cheap to replace .

Placed the jack stand at a comfortable working height and then dropped the lift 1 notch .

Not to much to changing one out . Pull the wheels and then take the leaf spring bolts out . Remove the 4 bolts in the center plate to drop the remaining leaf spring parts .

 I reassembled in reverse order . There is an eccentric bolt for spring adjustment so that the tires will sit straight up and down . I couldn't get the bolt off and wound up snapping it . I have to eye ball it till the part comes in . I did put a bolt in it's place temporarily .
Raise the lift after your done to get it off the jack stand . Looks pretty good . I took it for a drive afterwards and I always do some figure eights to see how it feels . I just have the 4x2 gator laid up waiting for parts . Repair time less than 30 minutes . Even if everything was seized and you have a bolt bin then you could cut any troublesome bolts off with a torch . 

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