Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summers winding down

Most of our students are leaving this week and next . We will be down to 6 or 7 staff to finish the season out . The grass is starting to slow down with the cooler evening temperatures . We will be on the move hopping from one machine to the other to get the cuts done on the course . This is the time of the year that I get my Minni break ( 4 day long week-end ) Everything is running good and all cuts are set up . So the crew is good to go and I feel quit confident that their shouldn't be any issues .
 This year I'm starting my break with a special treat . During the summer I participate in raising money for the cobequid service center .

A Grand Day for Cobequid

3rd Annual Grand Day for Cobequid Raised over $75,000

On behalf of the Grand Day Steering Committee, we would like to thank all the participants, sponsors, partners and volunteers for helping make the 3rd Annual Grand Day for Cobequid a success! This event would not be possible without your support.
We have come a long way from the dream that Peter Korecki had while sitting on the end of his dock 4 years ago.
Together with our volunteers, sponsors, participants and partners we raised $75,325.
This will help improve patient care here at Cobequid and will go far towards funding our Steris Reliance Endoscope Reprocessing System.
For more information on Grand Day 2013 contact Ondra or call 869-6128.

 12 k  kayak run on Grand Lake . It's a pretty good time and I happen to win these guys below . Off to a good start . Then we go to a 3 day holiday on the beach listening to the surf and enjoying the fresh air   . Totally relaxing after a busy summer keeping things sharp and running . My boys and their family are welcome to join us every year if they like . We're going to have the 2 grandkids here this year . Should be a great time .
  Not cheap but highly recommend it .

Are you ready to spoil yourself? Then welcome! The Quarterdeck Beachside Villas & Grill.
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© The Quarterdeck Beachside Villas on Summerville Beach 2006

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 Gives me a little boost to get through the fall .
   Next up aerating , deep tining , top dressing , aerovating fairways and then tarping greens . All in the next few months . Just have to get through September first .

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cushman front frame repair ( upper control arm )

 The gardeners cushman I noticed when it was going by that the front wheel on one side was back further than the other and when he backed up it would straighten up again . After closer inspection I found the frame had crack and a few pieces where missing . I had to heat it red hot and use a bar to beat it straight to line the cracks back up for welding . This is an older machine and the front frame retails for around $2,000 so this repair is the only option . Remove tie rod off spindle . Remove the shock strut . The bolts may be seized to the rubber bushings you will have to work the bolts back and forth with lots of penetrating fluid . You can remove the upper control arm to frame bolts . I didn't find any need to remove ball joint nuts off spindle . I was able to move it to the side altogether for the repair .
 Disconnect battery before welding .
 After welding up the cracks I made up another plate ( same thickness)and drilled the hole out for the upper control arm mounting bolts and welded it in over the bad area . Install bolts and washers to hold plate in place then weld in place .
 Remove the bolts and washers and reassemble . Replace any shims that came out , you may have to remove a few shims to align it up better .
 Reassemble parts and replace any cotter pins with new ones .
Turned out ok , I may still have to remove 1 more shim . A few years back we did the same repair to the other side . I find cushmans tend to rust quickly around here so it may be wise to get some rust check spray cans and spray the frames down in the off season .Our new one is rust checked every winter and so far so good . When you see patterns of wear or conditions that can  wear out a machine prematurely try to figure out if there is  anything that can be done to  slow down the process .  This is a great hauler if you keep an eye on the frame you will get many years of trouble free service out of them .
PS. A lot of repairs at our ( golf course ) level  may be reflected by budgets / age of machinery / skill level and resources . At a dealership they would most likely suggest replacing the frame . In this case it's not so much the budget but the age of the machine versus it's worth/overall condition and the cost of the part . If I though buying the new frame would get me 5 more working years out of the machine it may be worth the expense . But in this case it is not .

Friday, August 10, 2012

Club Car front leaf replacement

 One of the guys brought it to my attention that the Club Car he was driving suddenly bottomed out on one side . He was a little concerned that it was his fault . I told him that it was an old machine and it was just wear and tear and it is an easy repair and I also thanked him for telling me . This is the way it should be . Reporting machine problems right away so they can be dealt with . Some times damages are caused from horseplay and sometimes it's from normal wear and tear . If it's horseplay  mention it to the super so he is aware of a problem .
 It drove on to the lift with no problem . I put it on this way so I could put a bar across the frame supported by a jack stand . The reason for this is if something dropped it would still land on the tray . Nice clean break . Do not weld back together . They are fairly cheap to replace .

Placed the jack stand at a comfortable working height and then dropped the lift 1 notch .

Not to much to changing one out . Pull the wheels and then take the leaf spring bolts out . Remove the 4 bolts in the center plate to drop the remaining leaf spring parts .

 I reassembled in reverse order . There is an eccentric bolt for spring adjustment so that the tires will sit straight up and down . I couldn't get the bolt off and wound up snapping it . I have to eye ball it till the part comes in . I did put a bolt in it's place temporarily .
Raise the lift after your done to get it off the jack stand . Looks pretty good . I took it for a drive afterwards and I always do some figure eights to see how it feels . I just have the 4x2 gator laid up waiting for parts . Repair time less than 30 minutes . Even if everything was seized and you have a bolt bin then you could cut any troublesome bolts off with a torch . 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mid season oil changes

It's that time again . Just finished a little heat wave . Thanks for the rain I asked for . We were getting pretty burnt up but now starting to get green again . ( limited water supply ) My large area mowers  are soon going to be due for their second oil change of the season . I'm now going over the carts one by one till I can get through the maintenance fleet . Basically doing oil changes and cleaning batteries and topping them up . With this hot weather I have noticed a few batteries were getting to the add mark . I'll also will be checking brakes and for leaks and greasing front ends . Primary clutches will be blown out and secondary will get another blast of dry graphite grease on the buttons .It's really good to go over the fleet in mid season to find potential problems . So far 2 of our carts are out of service till the parts come in ( usually next day ) I found most of the starter/gen belts for the step and goes needed adjustments . One of the 4x2 gators has an axle to rear end leak and the bolts where loose plus one was snapped off , the same machine is missing the bolt that holds the secondary clutch to the shaft . One of the Turf II has a broke front leaf spring. The maintenance carts are hard to get to at times because they are always on the move I'll service each one and run out and trade for another one to be serviced till I get through the fleet .  Making the time now to get them back up to par will save you some grief . More tournaments coming up soon and once September rolls in will be on the home stretch for winter maintenance again . Seems like the older we get the faster the seasons fly by . Hard to believe another season will soon be behind us . Good luck with the remainder of the season . Hope you enjoyed the site . I'll be posting not as often now but will still highlight some aspects of the job .