Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toro Reelmaster 5410 Bedknife facing/back-lapping

 Today I spent part of the day facing the bedknives and back lapping my 2 - 5410 fairway units . Being up on adjustments on the machines as they come off the course really helps reduce the coneing you can get on a reel . One of the tech's on a site will front and top faces his bedknives . I have tried this method and will use it for my fairway units to save some time by not having to pull the reels of the machine for a touch up on the grinder . My time is sort of limited and have to use it wisely to keep everything sharp as often as possible . This process will buy me 6 to 8 weeks and by then we usually top dress fairways so my reel grinding will be done then .

With a lift I am able to easily pull the bedbars off the reel units left on the machine . Loosen adjusters /tension spring at rear of adjuster and remove bedbar bolts don't loose the nylon washers .

 The reel makes a pretty good shelf to hold the tools and bedbar bolts and washers .

 See the nubs at the end of the bedknive , you want the grinder to just tic on both ends for the top face grind . On the foley there is liquid coolant that helps cool the bedknive while grinding . I'm starting to grind dry now , I find it works the best and will use the coolant near the end to finish of with .
 After doing the top and front face use a piece of hardwood to knock of any burrs then I'll do a couple more passes. It works for my goalie skates so I'm trying it on reels .
 Bedknive faces are back to original grind .
After assembly  adjust reel to bedknife clearance to cut news print . 90% of the time they will set right up . I will still backlap to mate the two surfaces .

When backlapping the brake has to be on the machine .

Flip the seat up and look back where the seat hindges . You will see these reel speed dials and forward reverse levers .
Turn the speed dials to the slowest setting and swing the levers straight up .

Start the engine and leave it at idle . Turn reel switch on and push the lower lever forward start appling the lapping compound to each reel with a longer handle brush than what I'm using . Let them run and go from reel to reel working the brush back and forth . You will hear the reels quite down fairly quickly if they were adjusted properly .  A little video below of how I rinse the compound off the reels by the wash rack . Then it goes back on the lift to check and adjust cut again usually 1 click and sometimes they are fine .  . The HOC ( height of cut )will have to be adjusted as well . Most importantly flip the levers back and set the reel speed to your chart settings.

Just a little side note . You might want to check stock for oil filters and fluids . We had an early start up and oil and filter changes may be due soon .You may want to start check machines when their in for service . This past 2 weeks alone I have had 6 large area units ready for oil changes 1 needed a hydrualic oil and filter change and I see our 5410 # 2 is only a few hours away from it's hydraulic and filters change .


  1. Toro DPA and SPA cutting units should have bedknife to reel clearance adjusted with both rollers setting on a hard surface (on the ground, like they are when mowing) not suspended by the pull frames. The clearance will usually get tighter when the units are sitting on the rollers versus hanging by the pull frames...You can adjust and check cut on a hoist, but should make final adjustments on the ground.

    1. Yes you are right the clearance will be tighter . I back them off a click but failed to mentionm it . How would you go about adjusting them on the ground ? Is is by feel after the initial adjustment ?Thanks for you comments .

  2. Wow you sure have a unique way of doing some things Dude. You should go to some service schools or seminars, it will make your job a lot easier, and not spread improper service methods to unsuspecting folks. Don't get this wrong, your efforts are awesome, just a bit wrong sometimes.......

    1. Yes I wish I had the opportunity to get better educated in this field . I'm from automotive backround and some small engine . I'm just trying to show what a mechanic is up against in this field . Feel free to correct anything, I can preview and post and everyone will benifit . Thanks for the comments .

  3. iv not done any back lapping i norm get full season out of my 5410 i check them be4 they go out with reels on shop floor idk if all but my 5410 have little bubble by my feet on the machine that let me no when HYD filter need to changed i live in BC Canada