Monday, July 9, 2012

Toro 3500 D Goundsmaster Hydraulic oil change .

I noticed today by the markings on the filter it was time to change the hydraulic filter on our side winder . It must be a very hard working machine hydraulically because the manual states to change out filters every 200 hrs. and the hydraulic oil every 400 hrs. That's half as long as most machines we have and 4 times the filter changes  too .   

First thing I do is pull the key and put it in my pocket .

 I then loosen the hydraulic tank cap so it will drain quickly . I also let the machine warm up for a good 15 minutes before I started . Keep in mind that you do not want to leave lines and filters off to long exposing them to the elements ( dust and dirt blowing around the shop ).
 Pulling this line off will drain the system fairly quickly .
 Then remove this filter at the right rear of machine. Check the mounting area just in case the seal stuck to it from the old filter . Put a little oil on the new filter seal and install right away .
 I mark my filters for their next change . F = filter  in 200 hrs and O = oil and filter at 400 hrs. Bear in mind that at the 200 hr. oil filter change you have to be ready and quick because the hydraulic oil will drain out as you change the filter .
 Reinstall the hose and clamp and clean everything off well with brake clean so that checking for leaks after will be easier .
I always measure the fluids like this for all the gear . Before filling the containers make sure the top of the hydraulic pail /measuring pitcher / funnel are all clean and dry . I'll put in 12 litres. and top it up after the warm up . You can wait 10 or 15 minutes to let the bubbles settle out of the oil then start the machine and let it idle .Move the decks up and down , steering , traction pedal get the rest of the air out also checking for leaks . Let it idle for a good 15 minutes and then it can be shut off and top up fluid as needed .

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