Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toro 1250 boom valve upgrade install

My upgrade kit arrived today . we were having and issue with one of the booms dripping on the new sprayer . After talking to the Veseys to find a part # for the valve . I was told about the upgrade kit and since we were still with in the warranty period it was free of charge . Thanks again to the great staff at Veseys . 

Here are all the parts to the kit . If you have a regular boom system the brackets could be put on first , it may be easier . We have the Windfoil on our unit and the brackets are of no use as you will see later . 

 Pull out the rubber gloves your going to need them for this job . Sprayers are not as clean as they should be I find but staff are on the move to get to their next job , it's a busy time of year for everyone  . Wear your protection and if your in area that sprayers spray pesticides you may want to get the spray tech to give it a good cleaning before you start .  
 Pull the clip of the bottom of the boom valve to pull the hose off . Then use a 3mm Allen key to get the valve out . Watch and see if the top spring comes down with it . If it does save it for reinstallation with new valve . Mine just happened to stay in .
 In the instructions it recommends to check the torque on these Allen head bolts in a cross fashion at 3 inch lbs increments till you reach 9 inch lbs . If you do not have a torque wrench that goes this low just skip this part , you can take a look and see if the Allan head bolts are seated at least . If they are not then barely seat them .
 In the instructions it says to lube seals with vegetable oil . I don't carry vegetable oil in the shop but I do have pipe lube which work well . If your springs came out place them on top of the new valve before installing it . I think the valve extension piece is there just to help you get the valve in easier .
 The new valves seem to have a lot more pressure I had to use a pieces of wood to carefully pry up to get the clip in . Then use the 3mm Allan key to screw the valve up in place .

 After you get all three on you can reattach the hoses .
 With the Windfoil I have a bar directly behind the hose and the bracket couldn't be used .
 The bracket looks like and easy install the grommets for the hoses you just cut to get them on the hose .
 So I zip tied them on the bar.
 On the Windfoil there are gauges to let you know if a everything is working evenly for each nozzle and set of booms .

Your going to have to recheck the pump and boom pressure settings . I have a key to unlock the pump pressure setting .The switch I'm ponting at sets the pressure up and down . We run our sprayers at 50 p.s.i. A common setting is usually 40 psi as long as you do your math for your apps you can use different settings . Oh yes set your boom valves somewhere mid way first . Red knob on rear of boom valve .
 To set boom pressure to match pump pressure you turn any two booms on and adjust the one that is not on to the pump pressure . Do this for each boom . Top pick I'm adjusting the right boom .
 This is the adjustment for the right boom . When your all finished your pump pressure should stay at 50 p.s.i ( in our case) no matter what boom or booms are put on in any order . I have the tank half full of water before I started.

 The kit solved my problem the balls are bottomed out when it's off unlike before you would see one bouncing around near the bottom  .

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