Monday, July 23, 2012

Prism for checking HOC / QOC

We have the accu-gauge product purchased through Eastern Turf .  I like to use it to check QOC ( quality of cut ) If you have a machine leaving lines or doesn't quit look flat then I can check the cut with this tool To see if an adjustment is need or if reels need to be reground . Also good for getting 2 different machines set up for a similar cut . At least it will give you a good starting point .

 Comes in a nice protective box .
 It's a triangle piece of glass with HOC lines marked on one side .
 You lay it flat on the turf and tip it toward you to see the HOC . If you want to check QOC you can tip it a little bit more towards you .
 You can get them with finer lines but I can tell we are in the .120 to .130 range by looking at theses lines . The QOC looks really good to . Very few stragglers .( grass that was missed in the  cut )

Over all pretty easy to use . It's a good tool for trouble shooting cuts .

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