Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Toro Sidewider front gear case pulley seal

Our sidewinder developed a leak behind the drive pulley for the alternator ( on engine) .It wasn't dripping but while running the force of the fan would blow the seeping oil all over the rear and bottom of engine . After talking to the dealer I found out it could be replaced on the machine . I little tight but do able . I would suggest removing the lower part of the radiator fan shroud .

You will need a way to stop the engine from turning over . I'm sure there is a special tool for this but this worked very well . I let the pry bar go up against the frame either on top or under depending if it being removed or tightening the nut . The nut was torqued on pretty good , took a power bar and a foot long piece of pipe for more leverage to get it off . Watch out for hoses,cables etc. so that they don't get pinched . 

 See the alignment punch marks . The pully is a balanced with the crankshaft . It has to go back on the exact same way .

Getting the old seal out wasn't to much of an issue . After putting some grease on the seal lip I installed the new seal . I didn't have the proper tool to get the new one in and it is in an awkward spot . I hunted around the shop and found a piece of irrigation pipe that did the job perfectly . There are many times we have to think of a way to get the job done even if you have to make your own tools . A little side note : getting the pulley back on was a bit of a choir . My machine is a 2008 and the interference fit is next to zero of these two parts (second pic ) . I had to heat the gear up with a propane torch to get it on . Line the punch marks up and make sure you feel the splines line up and give it light taps with a rubber hammer . If your not lined up and mess up the splines you will have a real big problem getting it on .  Once it starts just let it sit there to cool off a bit . Slide it on the rest of the way and torque ( in my case )the nut to 170 ft.lbs.


  1. Anonymous : sorry I deleted your comment but found it again on my BB .
    Dude-Alternator pulley seal?? Professional techs use some different terms . The pully is called a "crankshaft pully ", the seal is called a "front crankshaft seal" or "front main seal".

    On a siode note , us pro's also identify bolt sizes by thread size. Not the size of the hex ........

  2. Yes : You are right . The pulley is actually call a drive fan pulley and the seal I am repairing is the front gear case seal on a Kubota D1105D series 5 .. 3 cylinder liquid cooled turbo diesel engine . The nut size ? I would agree but I'm usually refering to the wrench needed for removal which makes more sense to people reading my blog . My intension of the blog was to show new tech's and other people in the golf business what maybe involved our my line of work on a near daily basis through the seasons .Getting an inside look at how to think and repair on the fly using the resources you have. There is a lot more to this job than what is learned in a tech school.I'm happy profesional techs are showing interest in the blog . Thanks .

  3. im making things all the time to get the job done iv used PVC idk how many times lol