Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Flex 21 First Spin Grind

 In the past I have only worked on PGMs where I have to lift the entire machine to grind . Just a few picks of how easy it is to remove the reel head .
 Removing the reel drive took a second .
Loosen of the 2 bolts on the front frame .
 And your ready to put it on the work bench . Might take 15 seconds . Then less than 5 minutes to remove the bedbar .
 I was very glad that I didn't have to take the shield of to grind .My 3150 Q involves a lot more work and many more wrenches for bedknife and shield removal . Spin grinding on a Foley 630. Very light grind  .  The front roller holders just fit in . The bungee cored I attached to the frame bolts to keep them off the reel for grinding .
 These are the frame pieces that where hitting the reel .Red section .

They set up pretty quickly for a spin grind . Ground the bedknives on the 660 Foley while the reel was spinning .

My over all experience found it very easy to remove tear down and set up to grind .

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