Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First verticut of the season .

If you managed to get your winter maintenance done it will be easy to adjust machinery to the superintendents direction . Set verticutters as directed .Get the gear ready the day before making sure that all  machinery going on greens have the proper tire pressure also check the fuel and fluid levels .Check hydro hoses for cracks or wear . Verticutting is harder on the hydraulics than with mowing reels . They will most likely run hotter and with more pressure .

A small video of the machine in action .
Cut looks good . Exactly what we were looking for .

 Topdressers  applying a fine layer of sand on to the green .

 I upgraded our spreader to the 3 paddles per disc . Some adjustments where made to spinner speed to get it to spread evenly . 
 There are many ways to work the sand in ( brushes , mats., brooms, blowers etc.) Today were using the cocomat to work the sand in by towing it carefully and slowly behind a Club Car . Hopefully it's a nice day and the sand will dry up well before matting in .

Work in the sand  and avoid any hard turns on the greens .

It should look like this when finished . 

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  1. we don't vert as deep as u i think not used coco mat be4 but think i may bring it up with my boss and show him the vid ty