Friday, May 25, 2012

4300D counterbalance setting

 If your finding that the wheels are spinning a little on hills you can control how much deck pressure there is by doing this .

Find theses wires in the arm console . With the machine off
you can unhook them and put the two ends together for adjustment . turn the key to the on position ( not start) and by activating the raise / lower lever you can get three different settings . For each setting the light will flash 1...2...or 3 times . 1 most pressure and 3 is the least . After setting it to where you want turn key to the off position and put the wires back to the way they where .

Just a small video to show how quick and easy it is to do . If your course is dry and pretty flat you could run #1 setting  or if your very hilly and wet and are having traction problems ( spin marks ) try #3  setting . At least there is an option for change with this Toro unit .

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