Friday, April 27, 2012

Verticutter (-) set up for Toro .

I'm setting up the Toro Verticutting reels for our Toro 3150 Q triplex greens mower . The Superintendent wants them set at 1/16th depth . We are going with a light verticut to start things of. The minus in brackets means the verticuters are set to go into the turf . A positive setting would make it act more like a groomer .

 First thing to do is clean them of. Next check for play in the shaft bearings and adjust . Straighten out any bent blades ( a pair of needle nose pliers works well ) and remove any objects like pebbles and sticks stuck between the blades .
 Check these collars on the rear and adjust them so the wheel can turn fairly freely .
 Adjust the scrapers on rear wheels
 and front roller to almost touching . Grease bearings rollers etc. and give everything a spin and wipe off access grease . Seeing grease blobs on greens is frowned upon .
 I'm using my bench plate to adjust it or find a flat level surface to work on . These cutters came with adjustment shims of different sizes . I have used washers or flat stock in the past  . Just use a micrometer to get 4 of  =  thickness for the depth your looking for . Maximum depth is 1/4 inch . There are other machines out there specifically made to go deeper . Gradens are one of them .  
 Putting a little weight on the rear bar . Make sure the shim stock is sitting under the rear wheels and front roller . Now I back the front rollers up till they are not touching the front shims .
 The verticutters are sitting on the bench plate . Next I adjust the rear roller so the shims feel like they have equal drag to them when you move them in and out .
 The adjustments are made here . Now the cutter is squared up with the rear wheels . It's time to move to the front rollers . Leave the weight on the rear till your done .
Place a piece of paper on top of the shim stock . Adjust roller on both side till you feel a little drag on the paper when pulling it towards you . Loosen the pinch nut on the sides before you adjust . When your done tighten the pinch nuts and your done . When all the shims are removed the blades will be cutting 1/16 into the turf .
 I label most machines and cutting units so the superintendent or any staff knows at a glance what the machine is set up for .

If you where to set it up on the positive side you would place the shims under the verticutter and adjust wheels and roller down to your level surface . It would then act more like a groomer . Would be good for higher HOC.
If for some reason there is no adjustment on the front roller , readjust the rear rollers lower an then go back to the front .

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