Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Opening Day April 17th

Had a great opening day . Course looks very good for being open early . The course is quickly coming back to life .We sure could use a little rain . We managed to mow the fairways / rough and double rolled greens .The hauling and raising of the safety nets to protect the homes in the areas had to be biggest job of the day .
      It was a great day for golf for the Ashburn members . This season we open the Old Course first creating a welcoming turn out . Irrigation was fired back up at the end of last week with minimal problems do to the unusually mild winter .There are still a few projects to tidy up and will be getting back into the summer routine before you know it  . I managed to train a few new staff on some of the larger equipment . The new staff are looking pretty good so far .
     I'm starting to get back into my routine and helping out when needed .I will be helping out with some mowing jobs till the students get back . As a tech you may be asked to jump in and help out when your club is short staffed at the start of the season .  I have a few projects to tidy up myself . Currently have the ryan greensair 24 in the shop for service and adjustments . I'll be keeping the dimple tines on it while the grass is filling in . We use it quit often to dimple and seed thinned out areas . It's not going to get a good work out this year . The new machines that we received recently have a chart set aside for up coming warranty oil / fluid changes . Very important to do the initial changes do to the fact that you can get a fair amount of small particles in the filters during break in . I like to cut open the first filters changed to check the size of particles and see if there are any unusual particles like rubber or brass . Don't forget just because it's new gear doesn't mean it doesn't need any extra attention . The first 8 to 50 hrs. are important , keep and eye out for unusual noises / loose bolts / hydro lines/ fluid levels  etc .

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