Friday, April 6, 2012

New Gear 2012

Just received the new gear this morning . We are replacing our greens mower to the new style flex 21 and trailers for them . We also received another 4300 D grounds master rough unit . We are so pleased with the first 4300 that we decided to get a second unit to speed up cutting rough . With the smaller decks they don't scalp the turf .

 I really like the fact that the handles are adjustable for the height of the operator also the rake angle can be adjusted too.
 Behind the gear cover there are 3 gears that can be positioned differently to get the right FOC (frequency of clip) adjustment for the HOC ( height of cut ). I'll get some picks of these gears later . Also has the Subaru engine . There are a few more changes that I'll get into later . Should be interesting working on a different style greens mower . It's going to make grinding a lot easier not having to lift machine up onto grinder . Reel head is easily detachable .

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