Monday, April 9, 2012

New Flex 21 2012

 Behind the gear cover it shows the different set ups for clip rate .
 The three gears can easily be changed around on shafts to get the desired clip rate on chart for HOC and for how many blades the reel head has . Took me less than 10 minutes a machine to change things around the first time doing it .
 Three shafts ...Gears removed .
 Using this set up and just experimenting with new machine . This set up will do use till we get down to .135 . If we go lower I'll have to change the gears around again . Pretty easy set up .
 This spring gives you the proper tension on drive belt . You place the belt on and then tighten the pinch nut .
 Closer pick off adjustable handles . They come shipped  all the way down and I have to set it up to the highest position . I lined it up with the top line when I finished .   

The angle of the handle can also be changed to two positions . Just remove one pin and pull out and install in the next holes .  
 The thumb dial for speed control work very well . We liked the fact that we can control the speed and not change the clip rate .

Here is a pic of the park brake handle . Also there is a dump bale handle now . As soon as you let it go the machine stops . Also cannot engage drive or reels without holding in on bale handle . On the right side of drum (in mowing position) there is a flip up lever to disengage the drum so you move it easier if it's broken down .

Last and not least I really like the fact that I can use one wrench ( 16 mm ) to adjust reels etc. No more caring up to 3 wrenches for adjustments . This is a big plus . Thanks Toro .

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