Monday, April 9, 2012

The Excitement of the new season is starting to build .

We tried one of the new flex 21 today , very impressed . Guys are filling in a few drainage ditches and buttoning up some odd jobs . Soon we will be getting the course ready for the new season . Lots of trap work to do  and nets should be out soon and will be getting the first cut on tee's in the next few days ( weather permitting ) .  Days are noticeably getting longer and seasonal temperatures are looking good for an early start . I'm  still going over a few more small engines .Very soon I'll start hauling out gear and double checking HOC's and tire pressures . Our rental Clubcar fleet are ready to go . The Old PGM greens mowers are going back to tee HOC and will work much better cutting tee's than the previous models . I'll keep one of the pgm mowers set up for greens in case we need one for tournaments or as a back up . ( just in case ) It's good to have some back up equipment for key areas of the course . At least have a few pieces that can be set up incase there is an equipment issue . We have a few more staff on now and waiting for students to finish exams in the next few weeks .Won't be long before we're back into the summer routine . My winter work went well and feel quit confident that the equipment is up to par for the upcoming season . I still have a few more pieces to pick away at between mowing jobs and maintenance till the full staff are back . Once the staff are picked for the bigger equipment I'll start training them on the equipment and mowing techniques . Rumors of a dry summer  . Will have to wait and see . All we can do is  hope for a great spring to get things going . Hope everyone in the golf business has a great season .

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