Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Toro 1250 with WindFoil Review

 Sorry about the pic's the red sort of took over the images . Do to our windy conditions we purchased the Windfoil and a new Toro 1250 last season . Now we can spray even if it's windy . Width and spray wise works great . When the booms are down and your driving forward they have a break away design to help prevent damage to the boom . "CAUTION" When backing up there is NO break away If you hit something the boom will bend .Read the operators manual pay attention to slops . If you stall on a hill with a loaded sprayer the brakes may not hold you . So be in the right gear before starting up or down a hill . Drive straight up or down hills not on the side of a slope .
Before purchasing you may want to measure your bay doors ( your going to need 11 to 12 feet wide ) . At the moment we have to break away the booms to get it in the cold storage shop it's pretty much a two man operation not to damage anything plus you need the room once your inside to raise the booms up afterwards . . During the summer months I have to leave it my shop ( very large bay doors ). That way the spray tech can easily get it out alone after hours if I'm not around . I bit of a pain for me to have it the shop but not to bad overall ,just my way of preventative damage . When driving from area to area you have little side vision and zero rear vision , you have to constantly look out for obstructions . With the booms in this position (above) it is still just over 10 feet wide . If you have a choice stick your best spray tech on this machine . If not take your time till you get use to the width . The entire boom system rotates upright first then the booms are dropped as per normal . The boom system worked very well and smooth so far .Out of all the machinery on the course the sprayers should have the Roll Over Protection and SEAT BELTS should be worn at all times.Without the seat belt an if you lose control or slide your likely going to get thrown off the machine and then it may roll over you .  Loaded up with chemicals/water I think it's around a thousand pounds + heavier of sloshing liquid .
 The nozzle spacing are 16" instead of the 20" we have on our other unit . If your dealer didn't set it up for you your going to have to change a few settings ( spacing, boom length etc). My dealer (Veseys) had set it up for me but I went through the process to double check .
 In cold storage in the off season . Might have to budget for a bigger bay door in the future .
 No problem on the lift but the boom has to be tipped up and you cannot drive through . Not a real big issue just pointing it out .
Slightly bent boom . The only big problem here is that if it gets any worse It will have to be sent out to a shop that does aluminum repairs which will involve stripping it down to the frame most likely  . It's great for reducing weight but we are not set up to do repairs on this type of metal . If you try to heat and bend it it will either melt or crack . Leave this kind of repair to the experts unless your experienced in repairing aluminum .

 Above was my attempt to straight it out . I made up a tool .
 Wound the nuts out stretching it outward while heating it up with propane .  It straightened out a little but didn't want to push my luck .

Just a pick showing the 16" spacing .

Great machine . If you store equipment indoors it may be an issue getting it in and out without damage . If your course has lots of trees or tight cart paths you may have to plan how to get to your spray areas . A good spray tech will keep the damage down to the minimum. . The big plus and the reason for the Windfoil at this course was to be able to spray without waiting for perfect conditions .
This machine has under 200 hrs. now. Foamers works great . Just needed an oil and filter changed and the pre-air filter cleaned up and grease machine  . Checked fluids ,belts, etc. Checked the hoses and cleaned all the tank , screens and nozzles .

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  1. Thanks for the review Bob, I appreciate a good honest opinion.

    Mervin Bilinski, P.Eng.
    Rogers Sprayers Inc.