Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toro 1250 toe in alignment

After doing a lot of front end work I greased everything up. I only had an operators manual to go by for the toe in adjustment . The instructions were pretty vague but this is an older model . It says to mark the tires ( front and rear ) in the same location at axle height . Measure the front and rear tire centers and adjust tie rod ends to get the front measurement to be 1/8 th. less than the rear . 
On my machine the front ends were way off . So I'm trying something different . I centered the steering wheel and ran twine from rear frame across rear tire .

 Then rigged something up to wrap the twine around in the front that can be moved either way. I moved the twine so it was just touching both sides of rear wheel . This way I could get a zero measurement by using a measuring tape from the front rim to the twine (front and back at axle height  looking at wheel ).  I'm thinking the front wheels will track in the same direction as the rear this way.
Adjusting the right side it was toed in a lot . Using the tie rod adjustment I adjusted it to zero and after that adjusted the front side of rim 1/16 th wider from rim to twine to give me a little toe in .

The left side was pretty close and had a slight adjustment done . Took it for a drive after and felt really good doing figure eights both ways and braking etc. 

 99% done . Cleaned the flow meter and nozzles today and checked booms for bends and cracks. Not bad looking for 1564 hrs. 2001 sprayer . The tank was hand scrubbed using cheap toilet bowl cleaner (tip from on of the guys on the tech sites ) to get the soluble fertilizer stains out . Well most of it any way .Another tip is to spray the tank with WD40 to help keep it from getting stained .
 I moved the hose reel last season to the ROPs (bolted on with U bolts ) .
By doing this it made the hose area in the rear less cluttered and easier to do repairs . I put a rear bumper on a few years ago , hard to tell where the rear is and use to get backed up to far at times bending the nozzle tabs .

Review: alignment worked well . No visible wear on either tire since this post .

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