Saturday, March 17, 2012

Springs Coming

Our weathers is fluctuating up and down with a mix of rain and snow every other day . Temperatures were hovering around freezing most of the time with a few exceptions of spring like conditions  . Next week is looking up with temps in the double digits . Some of the staff are making it back to work and repairing our nets that protect the homes at the back of the course . The ball washers are getting some final touches and the new benches are all assembled . Next week the ice shields and breathable tarps are coming off to get the greens acclimatised a few weeks before the first mow . Might be earlier, we had a pretty mild winter .Some of the techs down the East Coast in the US are mowing 2 weeks earlier this year . I'm working on the Smithco trap rake and in need off a few steering parts ( waiting for parts ) and a little bit of welding on the machine .The lift cylinder is leaking and was sent out to one of the local hydro shops .I have repaired these in the past but find it is much cheaper to send out to repair or replace in my area . Out traps are hand raked here so it gets very few hours on this machines . Just some regular maintenance. While I have some down time I'm making a list of filters etc, and parts needed to service and repair all the Stihl products . The pro gator went out to the spring shop and was repaired for less than 350 $. We primarily use it with the pro pass top dresser and it sits nice and level now plus the rear springs got a little beefing up . Making a few more changes in the shop . I had changed it around last season because of the new lift . Now I think I can get things where I want them and have enough room to build a small office . With the superintendents approval I can frame it up once the tarps are hauled in . The framing material is out on the course holding down tarps . Aside from framing I should be able to make a finished office for under 500$. Winters winding  down fast . Hope you enjoyed getting a view of what a tech does in the off season . 90 % of equipment is done 100% of mowing gear is ready to go .If it's nice next week all the gear is getting hauled out of the cold storage and will let them run up to operating temperature .  The remainder I'll finish off in between mowing jobs till the full crew is back . Then once I get back to the servicing and adjusting mod I'll mostly be posting items off interest .

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