Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cushman dented oil pan .

 This is the gardeners Cushman that he uses daily , unless we need it to haul for a project on the course. I'm noticing that the motor mount bracket is denting in the oil pan . I'm assuming it's happening when it's over loaded and driving to fast to get to an area to dump .
 I used a 4.5 " cut off wheel and trimmed some of the mount to get more clearance . This is the same Cushman that I replaced the transmission in . The frame must have a little sag because I had replaced all the motor and transmission mounts when the oil pan was replaced a few years back . This machines can haul really well but if their overloaded and start bouncing the rear axle seals will start leaking and the long axle tube will start bending over time .
Winter service is almost done . Had to do similar repairs to the dump box as the gators . It's a 1998-99 and starting to show her age . These units will provide a good bang for the buck . Their made for hauling and do it well . Even over loaded the brakes work very well and feels stable and safe when driving . CAUTION if you over load and are going up a steep hill it may wind up on the tailgate and you will be looking at the sky . It happened once here but the operator was just a little guy . Things to keep an eye on is the frame and front frame where the upper control arms bolt on . Not sure if it's the quality of the metal ... design ...or just being on the East Coast but if you keep an eye on it and rust check it once a year you should get a lot more years out of them . The other one is keeping them out of the woods, lots of cables hanging down to get ripped off .
A small 10 minute project . As a golf course tech. you may get to do some little side projects in between jobs .

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