Monday, March 19, 2012

Approved for an Office (moving shop around )

 I took down the mounts for the salter and using this area for paint cabinet and pumping gear ,also hung up the PTO shafts and top links . I had a bench sticking out in the shop and put it back where the bed-knife grinder was .Grinder is going against one of the office wall . The opposite wall will have some more peg board to hang up more parts or gear .
 The wash bin I decided to put by the door . The smell from it is pretty strong . It will be easier for the service company to replace the drum instead of routing through the shop to get to it .
 The new office will only be 8x8 . Plenty big for what I need it for . It will be a good place to keep dust and debris of the computer and files/manuals . Putting up nailers on wall studs .
 Top nailer is getting bolted to wall studs to support ceiling .
 Breathable and ice shield tarps coming off greens today . We hold everything down with 2x4's and 12 to 18 " spikes . With our windy conditions it seem to hold them down for the duration of the winter . Recycling some of the lumber for framing .
 Pretty much a day job .
 Stiffening up the ceiling rafters .

So far so good .

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