Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wheel bearing replacement 1250 Toro sprayer

 The  front wheel bearings felt a little loose so I removed them for cleaning and repacking /or replacement . I like to leave the lug nuts on in case The treads get damaged . After cleaning the bearings they where noticeably worn out .
 When you replace the bearing also replace the race . If you don't do this than the new bearing may not last long depending on how damaged/worn the race is . They drive out pretty easy , I use a punch and hammer and light taps 180 degrees apart from side to side till it comes out .

 Drive in the new races.
 Make sure they bottom out in the bore .

 I'm packing the new bearings with a good wheel bearing grease, I use the side you see above and pick it of on the heel of my hand working around the bearing till I see it come up on the opposite end . They do sell a bearing packing tool but I've always have done it this way .
 New dust seal to tap in place . Then place it back on the spindle and pack the other bearing .
 The channel locks I find the easiest to use . Turn the nut in till it just starts to draw it in . As your snugging up the nut rotate the hub both ways a few turns . It's a very light setting to set the bearing ( inch lbs ). For the guys that do this everyday you get a good feel for it . In the auto industry you get a specific inch lbs. setting to go by to set the bearing .If you have the service manual for your machine it maybe in there also . But depending on the type of grease and how cold it is in the shop it may not be accurate .  Now you can back the nut off and lightly bring it to the nearest notch in the castle nut . To give you an idea you should be able to almost remove a nut with your fingers when taking them off .
 Most important part is to replace to cotter pin with a NEW one .
 The other front hub had a rattle and when I removed it found this nut .
The backing plate bolts had loosen off and one bolt actually fell out . I have some fine thread bolts in stock to replace them .
When the warm weather hits you can recheck the bearings at the next service interval for adjustment if needed .


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